TL;DR: Tinkerer; maker of things; webdev; crazy cat gentleman; serial enthusiast; Mozillian. He / him.

This page collects a bunch of the stuff I do online. If you feel like it, drop me an email or a tweet or a toot — or find me in one of the other usual places below.

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Hello world.


  • 2023 / 07 / 18
  • 2023 / 07 / 17
  • FreeBSD
  • IDM - 最佳的 Windows多线程加速下载工具[正版特惠 ...:1 天前 · 6、加速下载国外网盘 如果希望下载国外网盘中的资源,搭配 IDM 能将网盘文件作为队列进行批量下载,让你独立定制每个队列的下载时间、下载文件数量等,灵活地提高下载效率。目前支持的网盘包括 RapidShare、Uploaded.net、FileServe、DepositFiles 等。
  • age and my career future
  • Mastodon
  • Fediverse
  • when it's all over we still have to clear up
  • 2023 / 07 / 16
  • 进外国网站怎么加速
  • brain dump writing as interstellar dust coalescing into planets and how to encode that in my computerized notes and published content
  • 2023 / 07 / 15
  • 2023 / 07 / 14
  • 2023 / 07 / 13
  • 怎么给国外网站加速



I'm a core contributor on Firefox Accounts for Mozilla. I work mainly on the subscription services platform, though I have been known to pitch in elsewhere on the project.


  • 六毫秒加速器app备下载_国内媒体平台加速器六毫秒加速器 ...:2021-6-14 · 六毫秒加速器app下载,六毫秒加速器APP是一款针对海外华人定制的手机应用软件。六毫秒加速器APP功能强大,支持国内各种游戏、音乐、视频、购物等主流媒体平台的使用,是一款十分不错的加速软件。六毫秒加速器APP界面整洁干净一目了然 ...
  • 解决国外网站很慢 Easy-Blog Oven
  • SIO2Pi = Atari 800 + Raspberry Pi
  • Fun with Themes in Firefox
  • 上国外网站怎么加速 I Made a WiFi Pumpkin
  • 上国外网站怎么加速 Backyard Pond
  • Operation: Social Anxiety Edition
  • Pages and Pens
  • 进外国网站怎么加速 Upgrading my Couch PC monitor, v1.2

Twitch Clips (lmorchard)

  • 加速器怎么用-百度经验:2021-1-30 · 加速器怎么用,许多热爱游戏的玩家,尤其是网络游戏的玩家,经常面临卡顿,掉线的困扰,尤其是某些服务器不好的,或者服务器没设置在国内的游戏,所伍“加速器”就应运而生,来帮助大家解决这些问题,接下来就由我来教大家加速器怎么用。
  • New sine scroller follow alert!
  • Got a Cosmo in my basement lair
  • SAM is alive in NodeCG
  • 加速国外网页加速软件 Introducing SAM, the Software Automatic Mouth!
  • This probably isn't going to work as expected...
  • I can never remember how to use flexbox
  • Cosmo appearance while feeding birds in Okami
  • Finally got an oscillator working!
  • Cheddars expresses an interest in oscillators
  • 国外网页怎么加速 Cheddars sighting
  • Cosmo sighting


  • lmo-feeder

    A bare-bones RSS/Atom feed reader

  • youtube-playlist-shuffle

    Quick & dirty YouTube playlist shuffler

  • 手机浏览外国网站很慢 lmorchard-stream-loader

    A retro-style "loader" for my streaming shenannigans

  • wheel-of-side-projects

    A spinning wheel of my prospective side projects

  • 提升浏览国外网页速度 lmorchard-tiddlywiki

    推荐一款超稳定得外网加速器,免费试用 - 简书:推荐一款超稳定得外网加速器,免费试用 很多留学科研人士和游戏玩家在浏览国外咨询和游戏连接时,都会遇到网络的限制,还需要各种去搜索可伍加速外网的加速器,市面上本来产品不多,质量更是参差不齐,而且收费标准十分不统一,无法准确的去判断,那么今天给大家推荐一款超稳定,超 ...

  • lmorchard-sparkle-bot

    Twitch chat bot teamed up with a web page to make fireworks

  • 什么加速器看国外网站 wc-arboretum

    Tinkering with card sorting and web components

  • panic-ranger

    An unfinished game that runs in the browser

  • webgl-2d-shapes-and-stars

    Using WebGL for 2D graphics is kind of fun

  • nodecg-demo-2

    Base project for the git cloning

  • edison-carter-overlay

    Streaming live and direct from twenty minutes into the future

  • vanilla-web-components

    Your very own basic web page, ready for you to customize.

  • lmorchard-take-a-walk

    random walk

  • 解决国外网站很慢 tundra-bitter-mojoceratops

    A simple Node app built on Express, instantly up and running.

  • wheel-of-oblique-strategies

    A spinning wheel of Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt

  • internal-delightful-tungsten

    A simple Node app built on Express, instantly up and running.

  • rose-viscount

    Your very own basic web page, ready for you to customize.

  • 上国外网站怎么加速 roasted-blossom

    Your very own basic web page, ready for you to customize.

  • rainbow-taste

    Your very own basic web page, ready for you to customize.

  • tasty-asiago

    A simple Node app built on Express, instantly up and running.

  • endurable-gasoline

    A simple Node app with a SQLite database to hold app data.

  • tabby-war

    A starter app for using Redux to manage state in React

  • kind-dumpling

    A starter app for using Redux to manage state in React

  • picodon

    This might someday be an ActivityPub node. (Picodon is also cheese.)

  • fifth-distance

    加速器vnp - 好看123:2021-6-13 · 加速器vnp,蚂蚁vp(永久免费),旋风vp(永久免费),免费加速版ⅴpn,蜂鸟Ⅴpn软件,小白兔vpm官网,免费翻国外墙的app,加速器vnp无限 国外,twitter加速器免费,天行npv安卓

  • congruous-laugh

    A starter project implementing a basic web server in Rust.

  • thumb-o-matic

    This is a crude machine for finding okay images for web pages.

  • 手机浏览外国网站很慢 strong-form

    A Ghost 2.0 blog

  • lmorchard-castaway

    A scrumptious project that does humane things

  • spin-that-wheel

    Playing with CSS animations to make a wheel of list items spin

  • 提升浏览国外网页速度 上国外网站怎么加速

    Base project for the git cloning

YouTube Videos (lmorchard)

  • Chiptunes & Tinkering - 2023/05/09 - chilling at my workbench
  • 国外网站加速 Chiptunes & Tinkering - 2023/05/16 - playing with NodeCG and twitch alerts
  • Chiptunes & Tinkering - 2023/05/10 - chilling at my workbench
  • Chiptunes & Tinkering - 2023/05/20 - Nintendo Switch joycon repair (hopefully)
  • 怎样加速国外网站 Chiptunes & Tinkering - 2023/05/20 - playing with NodeCG and twitch alerts
  • Chiptunes & Tinkering - 2023/05/24 - Nintendo Switch joycon repair (hopefully)
  • Time lapse of me sorting through a 2lb grab bag of electronics parts
  • Chiptunes & Coding: Firefox Lockbox
  • Coding & Chiptunes - Firefox Lockbox
  • Coding & Chiptunes
  • Coding & Chiptunes
  • 加速国外网页加速软件 Coding & Chiptunes

Twitter ( Les Orchard )

  • 12 minutes ago @DonovanFarley I do hope those brave boys are recovering after their assault by this violent anarchist
  • 29 minutes ago @KWF mmm blinkenlights
  • 39 minutes ago @caraesten :D
  • 1 hour ago See, I'm all about empathy and sympathy. Too much so, to be honest. But these dudes who bark so much against coddli…  访问国外网站加速方法twitter.com/i/web/status/1284544378321506304 
  • 1 hour ago Not to mention this dude bemoaning a lack of flirting with a trapped audience of women working at checkouts who are…  http://twitter.com/i/web/status/1284543442144485377 
  • 提升浏览国外网页速度 "If Americans do this right, Huff might even find that his wearing a mask is the very thing that makes those checko…  怎样加速国外网站twitter.com/i/web/status/1怎么给国外网站加速 
  • 11 hours ago Is this the next Marvel movie line up?  http://twitter.com/MrOlmos/status/1284389448969420801 

Toots (@lmorchard)

  • 1 day ago

    This is a spot on my desk that can reflect a lot of glare in late summer afternoon. Catsby is helping by absorbing most of it. #如何加速浏览国外网站

  • 3 weeks ago

    I think some of you would abuse this button


  • 3 weeks ago

    网易UU加速器国际服App下载-网易UU加速器 国际服 v7.5 ...:今天 · 《网易UU加速器 国际服》是一款为热爱游戏的小伙伴打造的智能优化加速软件,软件为你带来国际服游戏的延迟降低,全时段检测优选最佳的线路,让你游戏中能够轻松超常发挥,软件界面加速后自动隐藏,界面的布置也可伍通过设置自行更改,需要的朋友记得下载网

  • 3 weeks ago

    @brion I stopped using Apple hardware a few years ago, but I'd be lying if I wasn't curious about the new shiny ARM stuff

  • 3 weeks ago

    Oh and I guess one more thing: This is the dumbest Cyberpunk 2023 source module.

  • 3 weeks ago

    That's about as close to USPOL as I want to get around these parts. Trying to keep my compulsion around that garbage on the birdsite

  • 3 weeks ago

    Also, saw this on a walk in NE Portland this week

Github (@lmorchard)

  • 21 hours ago submitted Pull Request #5983 to mozilla/fxa : fix(payments): use upcoming invoice for subscription reactivation price
  • 21 hours ago created branch 5914-reactivation-wrong-upgrade-price on 访问国外网站加速方法
  • 访问国外网站加速方法 commented on Issue #5973 in mozilla/fxa : 六毫秒加速器app备下载_国内媒体平台加速器六毫秒加速器 ...:2021-6-14 · 六毫秒加速器app下载,六毫秒加速器APP是一款针对海外华人定制的手机应用软件。六毫秒加速器APP功能强大,支持国内各种游戏、音乐、视频、购物等主流媒体平台的使用,是一款十分不错的加速软件。六毫秒加速器APP界面整洁干净一目了然 ...
  • 1 day ago pushed dcfcfab to mozilla/fxa ( 5901-further-no-card-cleanup ): chore(build): build fxa-email-service less often
  • 1 day ago pushed dcfcfab to mozilla/fxa ( 5903-subscription-emails-no-payment ): chore(build): build fxa-email-service less often


  • 19 hours ago Ever seen a baby armadillo playing? Try not to smile. : aww
  • 什么加速器看国外网站 Twitter
    My coworker is sleeping on the job.
  • 3 days ago 手机浏览外国网站很慢
    RT @ConsiderdLobstr:
  • 3 days ago 上国外网站怎么加速
  • 3 days ago Twitter
  • 3 days ago Apex游戏加速器和翻墙有什么区别?-斧牛加速器:2021-3-24 · 为玩家提供优质网游加速服务。 区别二、用途不同 游戏加速器是主要针对游戏的,也只可伍用于游戏的游玩,不过对于游戏的加速还是有效果的,但是它是不能翻墙的。而翻墙软件是可伍用于访问国外网页、玩国外的游戏的,不过不能达到加速的效果。
    @sublimemarch I hope you're ready for stock tank twitter, because stock tank twitter is here for you
  • 3 days ago Twitter
  • 3 days ago Twitter
  • 3 days ago Twitter
    According to definition, this is a soup sandwich.
  • 国外网页怎么加速 Twitter
    Omg bring back the cake
  • 上国外网站怎么加速 Twitter
  • 3 days ago Twitter

Typing (typing.r1d8g4.wcbzw.com) 解决国外网站很慢

  • 1 year ago A river, not an inbox
    Feed readers work best for me when they're rivers, not inboxes.
  • 1 year ago Done with Google’s Feed
    For the past year or so, I've been using Google's Discover feed from my phone's home screen for part of my daily news habit. It's been mostly okay and often relevant. But, little paper cuts have finally hit my annoyance threshold.
  • 1 year ago 怎么加速国外app
    Lately, when I start tinkering with a side project, I reach for Glitch.
  • 1 year ago GOTO Hell
    如何加速访问国外服务器? -「云杰通信」:今天 · 伋业用户在与海外伋业对接时,访问海外服务器遇到了十分严重的问题。对于大部分之前一直访问国内服务器,甚至是没国外服务器的用户。在访问国外服务器的时候总会有很多的顾虑,不知道哪种国外服务器访问专线更稳定,能达到自身产品运行所需要的实际服务器环境。
  • 1 year ago Generating a Firefox static theme from a web page
    Folks would like to export their themes from Firefox Color as standalone theme add-ons. These can be submitted to AMO and allow for further advanced tinkering not supported by the theme editor in Color. Up until today, I was thinking that we'd need to do this with server-side code like an AWS Lambda function. But, with more due diligence, I realized all the pieces exist to make this happen completely in the browser.
  • 1 year ago Insultron2000 is here to serve!
    It was a rainy, chilly day this past Sunday. I had been meaning to work on Picodon. But I was feeling low enthusiasm for that project. So, I spun my Wheel of Side Projects. It landed on "ActivityPub insult bot"--a similar theme but it felt like something I could actually get working in a day. So, Insultron2000 was born!
  • 1 year ago Embracing stasis to get unstuck
    Golink - 专为海外华人回国加速:2021-2-6 · Golink加速器是专为海外华人设计的一款加速看国内视频、玩国服游戏、听国内音乐,刷直播网页的一款软件,一个账号,多端使用,帮助海外华人突破地域的局限,无忧访问国内各大主流应用。
  • 进外国网站怎么加速 When Yak Shaving is The Point
    I've been working on some side projects lately. I feel good about that. But, I usually don't finish them. I feel bad about that. I always feel bad about that. But, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

Spotify ( Les Orchard )

  • Sometimes on Loveless by My Bloody Valentine 1 week ago
  • 【迅游加速器访问国外网站】-迅游加速器访问国外网站专区 ...:佰佰安全网【迅游加速器访问国外网站】专区,为您提供迅游加速器访问国外网站相关的安全知识供您参考!专区同时包含迅游加速器账户安全,迅游加速器安全警告,迅游加速器安全证书的内容,全方位为您的生活安全提供的指导。 on Siamese Dream (Deluxe Edition) by The Smashing Pumpkins 1 week ago
  • Seagull - 2001 Remaster on Nowhere (Expanded) by Ride 1 week ago 什么加速器看国外网站
  • Turnstile Blues on Future Perfect by Autolux 1 week ago
  • Crasher on 怎么加速国外app by 加速器vnp - 好看123:2021-6-13 · 加速器vnp,蚂蚁vp(永久免费),旋风vp(永久免费),免费加速版ⅴpn,蜂鸟Ⅴpn软件,小白兔vpm官网,免费翻国外墙的app,加速器vnp无限 国外,twitter加速器免费,天行npv安卓 提升浏览国外网页速度
  • 国外网站加速 Well Thought out Twinkles on Carnavas by Silversun Pickups 1 week ago 什么加速器看国外网站
  • I Want To Touch You on Ferment by Catherine Wheel 1 week ago


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